Sierra Vet Staff


Did you know that Sierra Veterinary Clinic is Stockton’s leading full-service veterinary facility? From annual exams and cold laser therapy to pet grooming and boarding, we’re committed to providing the best possible routine and advanced care and services for your pets.

At Sierra, maintaining your pet’s health is our top priority. Our facility offers medical, surgical, and dental care and our American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited hospital is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools to make a full diagnosis. As an AAHA certified hospital, we follow extensive safety protocols and standards, and undergo an evaluation every three years.

Dr. Yao

For your senior pet, cold laser therapy can help speed healing in chronic and acute conditions such as arthritis, gingivitis, and cystitis. Cold laser reduces pain and inflammation, and stimulates nerve regeneration. Senior wellness exams focus on checking your pet for signs of older pet diseases and age-related conditions, and may include blood work and dental care.

If you’ve recently adopted a pet from a local shelter, we’ll provide a free wellness exam for your cat or dog within 10 days of the adoption, with proper documentation. We also microchip and spay and neuter pets at around six months of age. For the wellness of your pets, we can help you implement a preventative care routine with monthly heartworm protection and flea and tick protection.

To keep your pet happy and healthy at home, we carry nutritious cat and dog food from Hill’s and Royal Canin, along with dental chews, treats, and healthy snacks. Our staff can answer your questions about your pet’s nutrition and diet, and help you calculate how much to feed your dog or cat based on the type of food they eat, their size, their metabolic rate, and their activity level.

Dr. Cleary

Is your pet in need of a fresh new cut? Our clinic has two groomers on staff who offer a full array of styles and cuts, and are happy to accommodate any specific customer request. Regular grooming is one of the preventative care methods Sierra Vet doctors recommend to keep your pet’s coat clean and mat-free. If our groomers notice anything unusual on your pet’s skin, they will notify a doctor to ensure your pet stays in top condition. Our professional groomers use top-of-the-line equipment and tools to enhance your dog’s coat based on the breed so that he can look his best. We offer bathing for pets of all sizes, and a medicated bath treatment can help pets with sensitive skin or fleas and ticks.

As a full-service facility with an experienced team of doctors, technicians, and support staff, you can expect to receive expert care for your pet at Sierra Veterinary Clinic. When you have a question or concern about your pet’s health, give us a call first. We’ll equip you with tools and resources to ensure your pet is getting the nutrition it needs and is protected against parasites and disease. Set up an appointment today and see why we’ve been voted the best in San Joaquin County.