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Meet Giardia

Seems like lately, we have been seeing a great deal of Giardia in our puppies, kittens, dogs and cats.

Meet Giardia.

Giardia is an organism that causes diarrhea in some, but not all, infected animals including humans. There are different species of Giardia, groups A-G and different groups can affect different animals and humans. For now let’s focus on our dogs and cats.

Giardia comes in two forms: A trophozoite and a cyst. A trophozoite is the mobile form of the organism that can be found in the intestines and sometimes the feces. A cyst is the resistant stage that can survive outside of the host for several months. This stage is where transmission from one host to the other occurs. Cysts survive in areas where the weather is cold and there is a good amount of moisture, like water. However, they are not able to survive in hot, dry areas.

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