Sierra Veterinary Clinic is a full service facility offering advanced medical, surgical and dental care. We believe every pet is entitled to the best that veterinary medicine has to offer. Our hospital is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ready to make a full diagnosis as quickly as possible. Instead of treating the symptoms, we acquire scientific confirmation through diagnostic tools such as blood work, x-rays and ultrasound.

  • Blood Analysis - We offer a comprehensive in-house blood panel, with results available in as soon as 30 minutes. We can also run an in-house urinalysis. Faster results mean better care for your pet, with earlier diagnosis and treatment.

  • Computerized EKG - This machine helps us to evaluate the heart function of your pet. We may also recommend a chest xray or an ultrasound for a more through view of your pet's cardiac function.

  • Digital Tonometer - helps to measure eye pressure to check for glaucoma. It is identical to the one used by human ophthalmologists.

  • Blood Pressure Monitors - crucial for anesthetic monitoring and for diagnosing hypertension in older pets.

  • Pulse Oxymeter - measure oxygen levels and heart rate during anesthesia. This is very important for regulating and monitoring depth of anesthesia and pain during a surgical procedure.

  • Fully computerized medical files - clear and easy access to your pet's data.

Our goal is to successfully meet the challenges of diagnosis and treatment of difficult cases, as fast as possible and at a reasonable cost.