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Dental disease affects more than your pets teeth

Dental disease is the most common yet ignored and undetected disease affecting both canines and felines today.

Why is this the case? People don’t like to or are not able to look inside their canine or feline’s mouth. It is not pleasant to evaluate the teeth and gums, and can be difficult as well as dangerous depending on your pet’s temperament. Animals don’t like this either. Unless a pet owner is diligent from an early age, it can be challenging to start brushing a dog or cat’s teeth once that pet is older. Because we don’t see what the teeth look like it is easy to ignore dental disease in the earlier stages. Animals are also very good at hiding pain and are survivors; therefore, they may not show symptoms of dental pathology until it is very advanced. I see patients on a daily basis that have had teeth fall out of their mouth due to rotting, and yet these animals are still eating dry food and have good energy. People are also worried about cleanings that are performed under anesthesia.

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