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Tips on caring for your pets from the Veterinarians and staff of Sierra Veterinary Clinic in Stockton, California.
I have worked at many veterinary hospitals but I have always wanted to work at Sierra Veterinary Clinic. After tech school and some experience at the emergency clinic I thought I would apply. This was the best phone call ever. I’ve been at Sierra Veterinary Clinic for just over a year. I love coming to work every day, not only am I living my dream of working with and helping animals but also with great doctors and great staff as well. I’m looking forward to growing with Sierra Veterinary Clinic.

Dr. Cindy Yao is a veterinarian at Sierra Veterinary Clinic in Stockton, California.With her bachelors in Biological Science from University of Pacific, and veterinary training at Ross University, it has helped her combine her two passions of animals and medicine. When she's not at the clinic, she enjoys reading science fiction novels, and baking. 

Dr. Julie Damron is a veterinarian at Sierra Veterinary Clinic in Stockton, California. With her Animal Science and Veterinary degrees from UC Davis, her areas of interest are internal medicine and ultrasound. When she's not working with our patients at the clinic or writing her column for the Stockton Record, she enjoys trail riding on her horse Dante.

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