Hello, my name is Lynda Borges. I live in Stockton. I have two dogs and three cats: 9 yr old Dalmatian, Puppy, which still acts like a “puppy”, 2 yr old Chihuahua, Diana, which looks like a cow, Babie, a chunky 6 yr old blk/wht DSH cat, Ginger, a 9 yr old Siamese, which lives with my boyfriend currently, and recently rescued a 10 month old Calico name Bumblebee Butterfly, but her name changes day to day depending on her mood. Having 3 cats and 2 dogs, they are truly a treat to have around. They always put a smile on my face, even through a long day of work.

I have a boyfriend named Alfonso aka Fonz and been dating since 2005. He is currently majoring in liberal studies to become a teacher at CSU. Our favorite place to go is Santa Cruz; it’s our home away from home. In the winter, we enjoy going snowboarding. Also, we enjoy watching our team, the Oakland A’s. It’s all because of him that I enjoy rooting for the A’s. We have a blast going to Oakland or watching the A’s on TV.

I have been working at Sierra since February of 2008. However, I have been here longer than that. Before I was hired, I did my clinical rotation here in October of 2007. Since then I have enjoyed my time working and getting the extra knowledge here at Sierra. I graduated from Western Career College in June of 2008. Where I studied animal science and received my Associate of Science Degree. I’ve always had a passion for working with animals. Now that I reached my career in life, I get a great pleasure in working with animals every day.