Beth Jones

Hi, I'm Beth Jones. I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. I used to show horses in 4-H with my Quarter Horse and on Saddlebred circuit with my aunt. I also absolutely love Corgis. I’ve always had pets, from gerbils to horses. I went to The Ohio State University as a member of the Biological Sciences Scholars Program as a Zoology major. I then moved to Southern California after my first year of college. I relocated once more to Tracy in 2006 where I live with my boyfriend Brandon.

I was a dog groomer for almost 15 years and have been intrigued by veterinary medicine my entire life. I want to learn as much as I can about pets and be able to help them in every way possible.

I’ve been at SVC since September 2015 and I work as a Front Desk Administrative Assistant. I love getting to know all the clients and making lots of new furry friends! It is a great feeling to make pets and their parents comfortable each visit and see them leave healthy and happy.

The best part of my job so far has been helping a gentleman that could not speak. I transcribed all the information for the doctor and technician and got his little dachshund immediate help. It was my pleasure knowing I could assist not only him, but the entire staff.

Most of my free time is spent learning as I am continuing student. I love learning and want to continue higher education to learn as much as I can. I also love WWE and go to as many events as possible. I enjoy going on cruises as well.